I can’t stop the creativity

I love making options for all the stitch markers, I’m still waiting on some coiless pins so I can have some crochet worthy markers up. I love color and style and flare, and boy have I been busy. I had a few sets I almost kept because I fell in love with the colors, and they way they turned out.

Image ImageImageImage

I will be posting these some time next week. Maybe when I get a sale or 2, I will. I’m thinking of running a 50% promo for the first official customer. We’ll just have to wait and see.


This blanket is 26 years old


My grandma made this blanket for me when I was a baby. She was a double threat (knitter and crocheter), and she did a wonderful job making this. She had to of been in her 70s when she made it. She died when I was 5, so I never had the chance to get to know her. My step mom found this and stitched up the holes and sent it out to me. I nearly cried when I opened the box. It’s the closest thing I have to my grandma, and one day I hope to make a similar blanket for my daughter and explain the importance of appreciation and respect for heirlooms like this wonderful blanket.


I had no idea the work I was getting myself into!

Designing a logo is hard! I had no idea how difficult it was to find something that appealed to the eye, was memorable, and of course modern. One problem solved. I have to start making listings and uploading pictures from my phone to the computer and up to the shop.  Hopefully this will be totally worth all the insanity! The shop is open, but only one listing at the moment. Off to work! Image