Free Pattern alert!


Free Pattern!

I’ve been busy all weekend writing a pattern as I went. I wanted a pretty market bag that was small, but stretched out well to carry things in a surprising manner. I decided to make it and voila!


The list.

I’m starting a list of projects,  so I won’t forget the priority order.

1) finish socks for stepdad. Plan is to finish 1 if I don’t run out of wool playing yarn chicken

2) finish the pattern I’m writing

3) finish other sock (all this done by Friday morning)

4)find a pattern for clothing item to make my youngest and get at it
5) start dreambird shawl (I picked up the yarn at my lys today and I’m so excited but I’m putting the brakes on myself for now) (not finish, but start at least)

6) hubby socks

7) more work on winter is coming scarf

8) design another pattern

The last half of the list is more of my July to do list. I’m the worst at planning,  but I will try my best to make it happen. Next weekend is going to be a bit chaotic, which is why everything must get done now. (My son and I share a birthday,  which happens to fall 2 days before a major holiday,  and there’s lots of fireworks and less knitting time lol) I’ve started the gusset on the first sock of the first pair. Hopefully I will have it finished tomorrow so I can finish my pattern. Fingers crossed.

Yarn Chicken

There has been a phrase in the knitting and crocheting circles going around that I nearly forgot about, until today. I’ve played yarn chicken quite a bit, but today I started a sock project that will probably take the cake for that. My stepdad recently went to Europe and stopped by a lys in Norway. I’m starting to think a few others as well.  Be brought back a few circulars and this wonderful superwash dk for socks. I promised socks if he brought back yarn.


This stuff is fairly soft for a generic wool. It’s also a well used brand over in Norway as well, with the company having started in 1888.  It’s nice squishy. But the problem is there’s only 100 meters in 50 grams. I have 4 for 2 pairs of socks. Ultimate yarn chicken we will play.

New pattern underway!

I’ve been playing around with pattern ideas all week. After I finished my mug pattern I got that designing itch. I tried to come up with intarsia styled patterns, but I have little experience or patience with them. So I started with a lucy pack that I’ve had sitting around. I pulled out the colors, trying to get a feel for what I wanted. Eventually I decided to do something somewhat gradient. I’m still working on a special pattern. More details to come. Until then, I leave you with this:



Last Weekend

I had a girls day out with my mom last Saturday.  We went out to lunch, shopping, haircuts, and coffee.  By the time I got home I was tired. While we were out, we stopped by Barnes and Nobles. They seem to have more crochet books than knitting ones, but I browsed and hunted. One of my fabulous,  new favorite books is this one:


I flipped through it several times this week,  but today I started ticking off boxes. It made me realize how much I don’t know but crave to learn. this book is rich in history, wonderful designer intros, fiber talk,  even spinning!  If you are a diehard knitter this book deserves a special spot in your collection. (Even my kids enjoyed the little blurbs I would read and explained pictures!) It may not have patterns,  but boy does it tell you vacation spots, retreats, book club series, not to mention where all the fiber festivals are stateside, movies, and more! So much valuable info. Seriously.  Go buy it now. You won’t regret it.


The hardest part of dyeing is waiting for it to dry. We’ve had a ton of 90°+ days and lots of humidity, and a few storms the last couple of days. Not to mention, our air conditioner isn’t functioning properly. We had an hvac specialist look at it, and frankly I hope the air conditioner dies so we can replace it with a proper model. Right now it’s too small for our tri – split level home. Add this to the humidity, ac air flow issues and freshly dyed yarn… feels like an eternity.