Learning to use a peg loom

I bought a Martha Stewart knitting loom shortly after they hit the shelves 2 years ago. The instructions sucked, I bought a loom knitting book. I made a few scarves, but ultimately left it alone because it was way too time consuming to use for knitting. After gazing at pictures the ladies in my fiber groups have posted of their weaving, I became quite envious and started price checking looms. It dawned on me I already had one, albeit the cheapest and as manual as you can possibly get. So I started hunting down videos and finally used my loom as a loom. I put all the straight pieces together and got it as large as I could make it. It can make a good 14 to 16 inch square if you really want to fiddle with it. After much trying and a migraine, I miraculously made


a square. It gave me the idea to make make a blanket out of squares,  and I’m already 2 squares out of 12 in, and using up a ton of much unwanted acrylic I’ve had since I was a beginning crocheter.


I’m slowly but surely on my way to making my dad’s fathers day gift.


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