In the beginning of my wheel spinning… I made something hideous

When I was learning to spin last summer on my Kromski Sonata,  I decided to look around and purchase a bulk load of fiber. I didn’t know where to start and had been more interested in the spinning and dyeing and bought a bulk load of who knows what superwash. The best dye job I had ended up this stuff. I core spun it (first time core spinning too!) After it was all done, it did not resemble anything useful, and would make a really ugly art yarn. I set it aside and never really paid much attention to it after that. Fast forward to yesterday,  while I’m in the middle of weaving, it hit me. I had been thinking of looms… researching, ogling,  obsessing. After flipping though pages of projects earlier in the day I was thinking of the different yarns and sizes that could be used. And that’s when I had the idea on how to use up the ugly yarn.


The colors worked beautifully and I was thrilled how well it started working up. I got the last row finished right before midnight, but waited until this morning to finish it.


It’s not very big, but makes a good welcome or decorative bathroom mat.


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