I need to win the lotto

I’ve been researching looms for a couple weeks and the ones I want are way out of anything I could afford right now. So now I’m trying to make the best out of what I currently have…. and its got massive limitations.  Finding what it can do as opposed to what it can’t is a challenge. I have a Martha Stewart Knitting Loom set. It has a variety of pieces making it adjustable,  but it’s been terribly tempting to buy another kit so I can make larger squares and rectangles. I was playing with it last night and decided to see what I could do with the circular bits of the loom.


I warped it last night before bed and tried to get a start on it. It was a finicky mess for a while until I got in a groove. Finally finished this morning after running out of weaving space.


The only issue is that it’s so darn small. My hand is bigger than it. Suffice to say, it will be a better hot pad for small pans on the table than getting pans out of the oven. I learned that it is possible, but not always the best way to use up recycled t shirt yarn… next time I’ll set up time the square loom.


One thought on “I need to win the lotto

  1. Oh my god, no kidding!!! I wanted a floor loom for a while when I was a teen but then I found out that type I had in mind was upwards of $3,000. I was SO disappointed!!

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