A cheap home made yarn swift

Along with looking at looms the last couple of weeks, I’ve also been trying to hunt down a good reasonable swift. I started looking through home made stuff to see if there was anything my better half could make with his skills. I finally decided that if I could find materials X Y Z it would be possible, but if not, I had a back up. I hunted for an adjustable clothing hanger (one of the old wooden accordion styled ones)… ha who was I kidding, the only place you’re likely to find one is at a yard sale anymore. So on to plan b. The next part of my mission included hunting for the ever elusive lazy Susan. Seriously hard to find in stores. Target had one for $5.99. Along with 4 coat hangers, 5 zip ties, clothes pins and a wooden dowel, it was born. I envisioned and explained to the husband what it must be, and why this particular way is important. Finally my under $10 swift was born.


I feel rather silly, but it definitely beats paying $80 for one at the moment.


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