A case of the Mondays

It was a busy morning, after running errands my box of yarn and roving came, along with some pins I ordered weeks ago. I was so excited, my kids wanted to help. I will be listing the pins in the stitch marker section of the shop probably tomorrow.  I am in the middle of skeining and dyeing and will probably spend the day tomorrow doing that as well.


I did manage to get a ton of cotton/ wool blend yarn that I will probably be sorting tomorrow as I have 2 industrial sized hanks with no beginning or end in sight for them. (They are the perfect cotton/wool mix that would make wonderful clothes and blankets.) I also have roving to dye up too. I think this week will be quite busy! Speaking of dyeing, I wanted to try my hand at naturals and have pretty purple flowers in front of my house begging to be something more.


I had my minions follow me out and cut a bunch from this fairly large creeping plant. I decided to simmer it to see what I could make from it. I thought the purple would make a lovely color, boy am I clueless.


The flowers started turning white, and I went to stir it while it was simmering and found quite a surprise. Not only did it smell wonderful (quite reminds me of chamomile), but the color was completely befuddling and beautiful.


It was so neat I had to show the kids. They thought it was magical.  There’s not much that surprises me anymore, but this was pleasant, even if I did over simmer it and try to salvage what was left on an old natural cotton. (Which did nothing) I learned a few things from this and I will have more ideas for what to try next now that I have an idea of what I’m doing.


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