Weekend wind down

I started more projects, with plans to frog others in mind. I decided to try the 10 stitch twist blanket using big trend color changing yarn. I am hoping that if I like it enough, I will put a backing on it and have it as a rug in my craft room.


I’ve managed more progress than that,  but the picture is just for colorway reference. Next I decided that I must learn to double knit, because my skills aren’t quite up to brioche levels for the new brioche knitting book I got at my lys. So first I decided to see if I could go off of a graph for the heck of it.



This is coaster sized used with way too large needles, but I wanted to see if I could cast on, and of course follow the pattern to an extent. I graphed a heart and got to it, finishing it a little over an hour later with much grief trying to convert continental knitting to fit with the style. Eventually I figured out an almost idiot proof way of doing it and started pattern hunting.


This pattern came to mind after flipping through some of my saved favorites. I didn’t have any worsted black or gray, so I found some berocco comfort soft dk leftover from my first custom order and got to work. I managed to get to row 17 by the end of the evening and the season finale of Game of Thrones.


With sore hands and a muddled brain I’m going to bed, and hope to get more skeining and dyeing done tomorrow.


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