Last Weekend

I had a girls day out with my mom last Saturday.  We went out to lunch, shopping, haircuts, and coffee.  By the time I got home I was tired. While we were out, we stopped by Barnes and Nobles. They seem to have more crochet books than knitting ones, but I browsed and hunted. One of my fabulous,  new favorite books is this one:


I flipped through it several times this week,  but today I started ticking off boxes. It made me realize how much I don’t know but crave to learn. this book is rich in history, wonderful designer intros, fiber talk,  even spinning!  If you are a diehard knitter this book deserves a special spot in your collection. (Even my kids enjoyed the little blurbs I would read and explained pictures!) It may not have patterns,  but boy does it tell you vacation spots, retreats, book club series, not to mention where all the fiber festivals are stateside, movies, and more! So much valuable info. Seriously.  Go buy it now. You won’t regret it.


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