Hooray for not posting

So my phone and the app decided not to post my last post. Anyways. I finished the socks. Didn’t get a picture of both finished.


I managed to find a loom, use a discount coupon and birthday money to get a 32 inch Kromski Harp for under $100. I hate waiting for it to get here. In the mean time my current wip is the Playground Shirt on Ravelry.



Pardon my messy desk.
I also decided to spin some more of my hand dyed roving that had a rinsing mishap and felted a little. I was able to get 226 yards 2 ply lace weight.



This roving has been a pain from the beginning with the dye not taking as well with some colors, I had a hard time drafting it too. Eventually I got into a rythm, and then my kids messed with my wheel and lost the end. I had to start a new bobbin while I contemplated spending the time to find the end. I never did, but I might mess with it later just so I can have my bobbin back. Time to knit and relax!


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