Contemplation & Anticipation

Lately I’ve fallen into the project hop and lull.

What I mean by that is starting a project, said project gets mundane to a point where you start pushing yourself through it like a depression. Suddenly you have another idea, of a more life inducing project. Something that most definitely will make your life complete and you have just the perfect stash of yarn for it. The more you try to finish one, the idea teases you. Like a fishing lure. It’s awful waiting to finish the project. A quick break to cast on a new one can’t possibly hurt right? Break the monotony. Refreshing like a rainstorm. Until you realize your size 5mm are already on another project… but which one? Maybe this wasn’t a good idea…. oh wait! Found em. Now to find end caps… oh my needle case is exploding with them because I just ordered a ton of cables from Knitpicks. Time to reorganize. What was I doing? Oh yeah. Bed time.

I think I have cycled through a somewhat familiar routine over the past month, not just knitting, but spinning and dyeing and all of that has just lost it’s little bit of motivation that my coffee just doesn’t give.

IMG_20140708_184307 IMG_20140708_145458 IMG_20140707_183637 IMG_20140707_151721


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