Well… I’m trying


The shop has been slow moving. Dead stop slow. As an alternative to my dyeing madness, and lack of fast projects, I’ve decided to add weaving to my fiber repertoire.  Slowly but surely I’m learning.


The hurry to finish my son’s shirt is driving me crazy, as well as he is. I have about 3 1/2 inches before I can finish the sleeves and bind everything off and be done.


Migraines have been making daily appearances and killing the motivation I’ve scrounged up. 3 pm coffee seems like the only way I’ll get anything done. I need to find a way to siphon my kids’ energy.


It’s been fun learning. I think I might get a small loom later on. This one has plenty of capability,  but dayum does it take over my table.


Pardon the mess!


2 thoughts on “Well… I’m trying

  1. Gorgeous weaving! And love the jumper!
    Do you know what is causing the migraines? I used to get debilitating ones, and its because I have a glutamate intolerance (not gluten, google it :)) Ive heard of others doing elimination diets with great success. I was lucky that I had other symptoms from those foods and worked it out that way.

  2. Mine are triggered by many things. When I was younger the only time I had them was when I would fly. Now it’s an every day occurrence and many eliminations diets, tests, and medications have all failed. Florescent and halogen lighting cause them. Which makes waiting in any doctors office an automatic migraine. Stress is a trigger too. I’m a high strung person… which means it’s self inflicted (ha). I had a neurologist who wouldn’t do anything but prescribe medication. I have an appointment soon, so hopefully I’ll get some answers.

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