Dragging it out.

The shirt my son has begged me for is driving me crazy. Every time I measure it, it’s barely gotten any bigger. I haven’t had any time this weekend to work on it until tonight. I don’t even want to look at it. It’s just that annoying at this point. We went on a staycation while my mom and stepdad watched the short people. I brought my knitting bag, but knit, I did not. I managed to score a few huge skeins of premier cotton for half price at Joanns, dragging the poor hubby window shopping.  We stopped at an antique store and walked around for almost 2 hours.


There were old, new and many refurbished things. I couldn’t convince the husband this was necessary.  We saw a few flax wheels while we were there too. One just needed a drive band and distaff. We saw an older industrial shuttle for weaving too. It was cracked, but well made and used. It was nice getting away from the chaos and relaxing.


I warped the loom before we left,  and it was nice having a nice mindless project to come home to. My goal is to make a tote bag with it. I may have made a major error throwing the label out for the warp yarn. I was under the impression that it was a pure wool, and it does not appear to be after attempting to full it this afternoon.  I’ll figure something out…. eventually.



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