After what felt like months working on the shirt, I finished yesterday afternoon.
My son was super happy and wouldn’t take it off.
After the shirt finale, I kept thinking of the fabric I wove for the tote I wanted to make. I pulled out my sewing machine (which hasn’t seen the light of day in nearly 5 years) and decided to see what shape it was in after 3 moves. I had one needle left and was on a mission. I pinned out the fabric.


I managed to get half way through a side before the needle hit a t pin and got caught and snapped. I felt royally stupid. My better half was sweet, and went to pick up needles for it so I could finish it and make some progress on his socks.


Getting it out was a nightmare. Self noted, round pins only from here on out.
When I was pregnant with my son, I did a bit of sewing. Not anything special, just random stuff. I could barely manage a straight line. Still can’t. (I’m sitting here laughing about it. Defeated by a sewing machine!) There was a messenger bag I used as a diaper bag and eventually got to a point where I was going to throw it out, but salvaged some of the components that were useful. The strap was the perfect size for the tote, and I honestly forgot it was in the sewing kit until I went on a bobbin hunt.


It’s not perfect, the sewing lines make me cringe, but I’m happy that I managed to make it happen without manually sewing it up.  It will make a nice, sturdy project/shopping bag.


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