Summer canning, mantra?, crafty and useful.

I’m not sure about you, but this year we’ve planted a decent sized garden. (I know this isn’t quite fiber arts) We’ve had all sorts of issues, as this is the first year we’ve done a garden on this scale.

20140720_194343 20140719_115057

We are growing organic Boom Chica Pop! corn, which is popcorn corn. The silk on it is a beautiful magenta color, that I wish I could bottle up and dye a ton of wool with. We’ve had quite a few cucumbers pop up and we’ve already started canning pickles.

The garden is to me, the same sort of patience you have to have when doing any fiber art. You have to be slow and keep with the pace of your project rather than attempt to speed it up and end up with a disaster. We’ve had blight, storms, 90+ degree (f) weather.  It’s been as trying as figuring out how to warp the loom, or even finishing the last 12 inches on my son’s shirt.  The hard work is worth the effort.

I’ve been figuring out how to use the loom and how well different warps and wefts go together. That has been quite difficult to adjust to, as I’m rather impatient starting projects (and the prep work takes forever! My better half has been helping me to warp the loom, although it seems more like a 3 person job when its 32 inches wide. I’ve finished a few projects and started even more. Even the old sewing machine has been getting a workout.

I made a Nebraska colored kitchen towel on my harp, along with a rag rug using Darn Good Yarn recycled cotton yarn.

20140714_182847 20140718_202427

(for those that are curious about the rug, it isn’t quite what I was expecting, but I warped every other slot and did 20 in from each edge, I ended up using 2 balls of the recycled cotton yarn and a tiny bit of crochet cotton for the warp)


After all the weaving, and working on a slow moving pair of socks for husband dearest, I decided to work on project bags. I’ve had sooooo many projects on the go, that I was literally piled up with yarn and needles everywhere. It was a tangled mess that was beginning to drive me crazy. I was searching for a coffee table to put my monstrous loom on and ended up picking up fabric while I was out. Every last bit of it became a project bag. They aren’t perfect (this seems to be my recurring theme/mantra) but they work well, and make the mess oh so much more bearable. IMG_20140720_223640


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