Sewing, neglected knitting

There was a time when I was pregnant with my son, where I started sewing. I had been given a sewing machine, and didn’t know much about it, nor did I know anyone, and of course it was missing the instructions.  My husband and I fiddled with it to a point where it worked. I made a few things but never really caught the sewing bug.
Now that I’m in the thick of everything fiber, I figured why not?  I dragged it out for a weaving project,  and now the idea of putting it away is laughable.




I’ve made a few bags, learned a thing or two about keeping sewing machines from eating thread and needles. I tried my first sewing pattern from actual instructions tonight. Craftsy has a free pattern for an origami lotus project bag. It was super easy and quick, next time I will definitely use a larger size fabric to make it.


2 thoughts on “Sewing, neglected knitting

  1. I love both sewing and knitting, and constantly swap between the 2. Makes life better đŸ˜€ (Ive just figured out crocheting.. Im hoping 3 things to swap between isnt too much!!)

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