Summer cold

It might be 90°+ here in Alabama, but the pollen and summer cold seems to have hit my house rather well. I’ve had no real concentration, and have been doing small, sit down, mindless, menial tasks.


Working on eco friendly snack bags (because I woke up at 4 am in a sneezing fit and decided to start the day off productive)
On and off all day I’ve been playing with shapes and sizes for the snack bags. Both kids will be in school in less than 2 weeks (?!), and sandwich bags create a ton of refuse. I figured I’d save them a headache and make cute ones for the kids. Of course I’ve forgotten to take pictures in my summer cold/ear infection induced stupor.
I’ve not had the chance to get to my lys for another set of fixed 3mm circs. The socks on dpns are blah. Pretty colorway, simple pattern, just dpns (ugh!)
I did get to take out my new project bag at the docs office the other day. I felt so silly but it was easy to take out and put away without much fumbling.



I would love to find more of the fabric, but the manufacturer (A.E. Nathan)
seems to have ended it’s mermaid line. It’s a whimsical print that brings out the bubbly side of me. I love mermaids, some people have owl obsessions, I have a mermaid one. I’m babbling.  Time to sleep.


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