I’ve been busy working on the sock. I feel like it’s been a month since I started, and I’m probably pretty close. I manage to get out to my lys and grab another 3 mm circular needle, because the dpns were making me lose my will to finish it. Now I finally manage to finish 1. Hopefully I will make progress tomorrow and start the second one. I an such a lazy knitter! My husband’s co worker is adopting a baby and of course I’m like !!! “why didn’t you tell me sooner?!” So of course I’m frantically looking for patterns, and decided to finally put my Lace 1 Skein Wonders book to the test and found a cute short sleeve cardi pattern. I decided to do a dish cloth style blanket after the diagonal patterned washcloth with holes around the inside of the border. I wanted something quick and easy to customize.  When I’m finished I will put a ribbon through the lace part, coordinating with the blanket.



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