Organizing chaos

My kitchen has been total chaos, as well as my craft room. During the summer time we let things go, thinking that we’ll clean it up later, then bam! School started 2 weeks earlier and we found that out a week and a half before it started. My craft room became the temporary school supply zone, as we ended up with a grand total of 5 supply lists for 2 elementary kids…. so yeah, I’ve completely neglected the room. My youngest started kindergarten yesterday, so most of the day was spent trying to ignore that feeling of utter loneliness. I drove and drove and didn’t really sit still until school let out. Today I went out with a mission. I needed to get organized.  I ended up with huge projects and one teensy sewing project.
I like dry erase boards in the kitchen to write oddball things down that always get forgotten on the grocery list.


I got some pretty colored dry erase markers and had no where to put them and made a little pouch in about 5 minutes.


I put up a bulletin board I’m the kitchen too, but that wasn’t really crafty.
I started tackling the organization of the craft room but ran out of time,  because I have to go pick up the short people. But this is the chaos I’ve got going on. (Only half of the room)



I did manage to get a big black iron shelf hung for notions and other miscellaneous items.


Alright. Time to run.


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