Sock progress

So I’m about half done with sock #2. I started a sweater, and another project for the wounded warrior project.


The sweater I’ve started is being done in Berrocco Comfort worsted. Man is it a squishy soft yarn! (Hard to believe it’s an acrylic/nylon blend) I can’t wait to get that project finished.  I’m a huge fan of layers and cardis are my fav.
I perused the local Tuesday Morning the other day, and I found the perfect coffee mug for any fiber lover. It’s a bit bigger than the average cup, which works great if you take your coffee with milk or creamer like me. (The keurig limits you to tea sized if you don’t have a big enough mug) The clearance bin was the last place I imagined finding this, but I had to rescue it and take it home.


My mom came over for coffee this morning, and had brought stuff for the children.  She had left, only to return 10 minutes later with a stack of crocheting and knitting books. I didn’t have any of them and I’m super excited to find new inspiration in them.


I had a minor sewing project flung to me this morning from my poor embarrassed 5 year old boy. His sister had outgrown the booster seat age limit, and we decided to use her seat in my husband’s car for our son. Well someone didn’t like the pink seat and refused to be seen with it. Which is totally a first for my easy going child. I remedied that with some cute vehicle print fabric I found the other day.


By the time they arrived home from the store, the seat had been completely covered and I gained much appreciation from my short guy.


2 thoughts on “Sock progress

    • I fell in love with the color and the more I work with it, the quicker I want to finish my cardi so I can wear it in the air conditioning lol its been in the 90°s, but the yarn is quite tempting

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