Hubby socks

I managed to finish my husband’s socks yesterday afternoon.  I am so glad that he likes them, and that they’re no longer on my to do list.


I’ve started work on my cardi, and I can’t wait to finish. It’s a super easy lace pattern. It’s the Girl Friday cardi on ravelry.  So far it’s working up soft and smooshy that I want a blanket made out it.


I also took a short break from the socks to make things 1 & 2 Poké balls.


The amount of happy in this picture does not depict the 5 am larping in the basement the following morning.
Now to get some baby stuff finished for my husband’s coworker so I can work full steam on my cardi before October. I ended up frogging the blanket after noticing a purl where it doesn’t belong, and tried to tink that stitch back and completely messed it up. So I brought another color of yarn and the big needles out, and hopefully will have this done by the end of the week.


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