Another one finished

Last night I finished the baby blanket I was making for my husband’s coworker. It was an easy 2 stranded car seat blanket based off of the diagonal washcloth pattern.


I thought the ribbon would make it look more like a blanket than a washcloth. It was fun picking a color to match. I’ve blocked the cardi that she will be getting as well.


It’s taking FOREVER to dry. So I have time to start another small project right? I mean I have finished like 4 projects in the last few weeks, one more won’t hurt.


I figured her little girl would need a sun hat,  and this darling Dear Liza hat caught my eye. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry as well.
Time to find my coffee and get to work.


2 thoughts on “Another one finished

    • It’s a car seat blanket that I made by using bigger needles and 2 dk weight yarns. The pattern is quick moving and I thought a little ribbon might make it more baby blanket and less wash cloth like.

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