Where’s my coffee?

I lost my motivation to get anything finished. All my time restrained projects for knitting are done. I have some insane looking yarn mountain on my couch and in my yarn room.




I’ve started 2 blankets. Yeah,  2. Why? Why not? Blankets are awesome, unless of course you suck at lace knitting like I do. I received some beautiful squishy wool from yarn box and didn’t care for the patterns. So I figured I may have enough to do a tri color version of the hemlock ring blanket that’s free on ravelry.  Every time I get to the lace work something gets messed up. It’s driving me crazy but I love working with the wool.


I also made a huge mistake when I started a wrap for the Wounded Warrior project.  I used yarn without a wrapper, and was nearly finished when I got an email reminder. I was so annoyed because I spent the better part of a day winging a half circle wrap.


Of which my dd was more than happy to model and keep as her own.



I finished my son’s ninja turtle hat and mask. The mask didn’t work as well as planned. He loved it anyway. Now to find my motivation to frog this blanket again and use a lifeline.


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