Question to fellow project hoarders?

I seem to be stuck in a rut with a few of my projects and can’t seem to shake it. I’ve managed to have 1 that I’ve finished,  but not the single project that I’ve put myself on a deadline with. I find myself going back through patterns and spending an evening here and there frogging because I didn’t care or I need the needles and had no plan to come back to them. Does anyone else do this? Just frog maddeningly until all but the sole few you need to finish are left. And then the curiosity hits after skimming Facebook knitting groups


and ravelry and magically have 3 or 4 new projects started within a week of epic frogging.  I feel like I have a really bad knitting addiction. I think I’ve managed a week without it in the last year. Anyone else find themselves doing the same?


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