I have the chance to make a few items for my kid’s classes for a silent auction. Of course this means I’ve started another project, with many more in mind (I have 3 weeks).


I’m making a market bag with some pretty hued grape and salmon colored yarn. It’s something that I got at a Tuesday Morning and wound up, threw away the label by accident, it’s a wool/silk blend that’s too scratchy for skin. I’ve had a few wips that I haven’t thought of in a year or so. I have a never ending granny square blanket that I may prematurely finish as a lap throw or toddler blanket. I haven’t worked on my sweater in a week, and I want to be mad at myself, but charity is worth waiting for. This just gives me an excuse to browse ravelry and start more projects right?


I got bored yesterday after looking at different ornaments I went on a crocheting spree. Made myself a gradient sheep with some mystery grayscale boucle type yarn. He even has a white little tail. My daughter thought it was so awesome, she wanted to make her own decorations. She doesn’t follow my passion of fiber arts, but she spent quite some time drawing little Pokémon characters and cutting them out so we could hang them on the tree come winter. Time for some motivation.



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