I clean when I’m anxious. So while I wait for tomorrow to find out anything pertaining to my mri, I have revamped my craft room and have a few more things to do before it’s officially my favorite place in my house.




This is just half the room, but shelves have been shuffled and book cases too… A desk that I decided needed to be used (have had it a few years with plans that never happened) I need a bar stool, a good tall lamp and a small trashcan to really make this my spot. I have a boatload of projects hoarded in the basement that need to be brought up, and that will make my basement much less cluttered. Should bring my wheel up as well… so much to do, so little coffee.


One thought on “Changes

  1. I’m very much the same way. I clean when I’m anxious or stressed. I can understand about the MRI thing. This year is the first year I’ll have a break from an MRI in 9 years. Hope all goes well for you. Your craft rooms looks great by the way.

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