Hemlock Ring II

I managed to finish the blanket finally! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hemlock-ring-blanket
I had such a lag those last 15 rows I thought I might drag it out another week. Determined because I have a slew of birthdays to finish things for as well as a few personal things, I’m so glad it’s done. I can’t wait to see how the auction goes.


I did a few things differently from my first Hemlock ring blanket.  I used an acrylic (trying to get rid of all the acrylic yarn in my stash) that I had gotten in a mystery lot. It’s Red Heart TLC in celery. It was quite itchy, hot and irritating for my eczema. I was quite surprised how Eucalan and half airdrying and half medium heat in the dryer softened the yarn up. I love the pattern but I’m rather glad I made a needle adjustment.  After making the wool version and knowing that needed mandatory blocking,  I ignored the instructed needle size and went to my largest circs size US 11. Major difference in the amount of yarn used, but still under 900 yards and the lace pattern was much more prominent. I may make another in the spring when the chaos settles.

On a silly unrelated note, I’ve found myself crocheting a bit more now that I’ve gotten the office together. I made a small coaster for my desk, because I’m always drinking water or coffee and there’s never a cup far from hand. This morning I pulled out my monster coffee cup (being one of 3 mugs that are suitable for how I take my coffee) and realized the coaster just wasn’t going to cut it. I sat on the phone fidgeting,  and realized I could make one while I chatted. And I did.


It turned out just right, and doubles as a small trivet.
I’m enjoying my crafting more and more now that I finally have everything all in one place and the colors everwhere just make for more inspiration.


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