Super unmotivated

Okay I’m not that unmotivated,  but enough to where I’m muddling through a few projects. I finished a birthday gift (which I may wait to post in case said person stalks my blog). I also got tasked with making Pokémon hats for the kids to be used as Halloween costumes. So of course I went pattern hunting. No such thing as a Mew hat. My daughter wanted one so badly that I haphazardly threw one together with her input. (it’s not my best work, but she likes it, and the tail I made [not pictured])


She was very specific about how the eyes has to be and everything.  For an 8 year old she’s pretty meticulous.
Of course in the theme of Pokémon,  there has to be a Pikachu. I did manage to find a pattern, I seem to have misplace my motivation though.


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