A Pikachu hat run down (free patternish!)


Want to make your own Pikachu hat? You can either use an existing plain beanie pattern or my version.

Worsted weight yarn in black, red, yellow and brown are needed


(kids sized 5-8 years)

size US9  5.5mm needles

Cast on 72 join in round

k2p2 to end and do so until you have a one inch band

k all for 5 more inches

to decrease knit 7, k2tg and do so to end of round (64)

knit 1 row

knit 6, k2tg to end of round (56)

knit 1 row

knit 5, k2tg to end (48)

knit 1 row

knit 4, k2tg to end (40)

knit 1 row

knit 3, knit 2 tg to end (32)

knit 1 row

knit 2, k2tg to end  (24)

knit 1 row

knit 1, k2tg to end (16)

knit 1 row

k2tg to end (you should have 8 stitches left)

cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches.

Ears (edited for clarification)

This was difficult for me. This part is more of an explanation on how to make them, than an actual direction. 

These are made working in the round. You need to make 2 ears following these instructions . 

I picked up 6 stitches on both the front and back of the top of the hat about 3 spaces from the middle. I knitted to the end of each row with the exception of the last stitch I made a kfb increase at the end of each row (front side and back) so that I had 14 stitches total. I kept with the yellow yarn for 7 rows following the initial cast on row. (8 rows total) After this I added one brown stitch to both outside edge stitches on the front row and back. So I had 12 yellow and 2 brown, I kept adding one brown and taking away yellow until all were brown. I knit decreases in every other row as follows on the edge k2tg and ssk. If the outside is facing right k2tg, if left ssk. Knit 1 row. Next row I knit 2 stitches and did my decrease in the middle as opposed to the outside edge. Knit next row. And decrease on the outside edge until there are 6 total stitches left and use the kitchener stitch to finish them off.


Using the magic circle and a crochet hook (5mm)

sc 1 in circle, then 10dc join

2sc in each dc  to end and slip stitch into first. cut yarn leaving at least an 8 inch tail for sewing. Repeat 1 more time for other cheek


I used white and black felt dime sized white circle sewn onto at least a quarter sized black circle. (super easy and quick


Using a dk or worsted weight yarn, embroider on a typical cat/bunny/mouse type mouth attached to triangular nose in black.

Weave in all ends and you are done!

If you have any questions feel free to message me jrenken88@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “A Pikachu hat run down (free patternish!)

  1. I’m in the process of making this hat. I’m really having a problem with the ears. I’m not understanding the adding and take away. HELP!! Thanks

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