Several frogs and delays of sorts

I had a few projects for Christmas started, frogging already as a pattern wasn’t clear and the designer had taken too long bothering to get back (they haven’t).


I was rather bitter as I was finally ok with taking on a long term massive cable work project. So now I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve ripped it and started to look for more patterns.


I started a strange project the other day. (Minus the orange yarn)


More pictures to come when I have a sunny day and get it all shaped out. More crocheting and less knitting than normal. Must be unmotivated! lol


3 thoughts on “Several frogs and delays of sorts

  1. I feel your pain on the frogged project. I too have been frogging projects this week. So sad to see all those stitches undone. But, your project where you are knitting with multiple strands looks interesting. Is it a sweater?

    • It’s actually a small ottoman. Being short and having been on bed rest for a crummy knee all week has led me believe I needed one more so than ever. It’s amazing what you figure out when you have a bunch of junk yarn you want to use up and need something functional. 3 strands dk, 1 strand worsted and an N hook. Took a few days, foam padding and lots of polyfil. Definitely worth super over stuffing.

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