Another accountability list? [Revision edition 7]

I think it’s time I started another list to get me back on track in time for Christmas.
1) I added a weaving project and some washcloths to this, serious glutton for punishment


2)sewing projects a-f
3)dad’s jeep hat (making progress)
4)finish my better half’s socks


5)find a project for m (found 2)1,2
6)figure out something for j
7)finish girl friday cardi?
8)teacher cowls for thing 1 & 2 ‘s teachers

9)that random pair of mittens I started < guage lesson wall hanging
10)hubby’s Winter is Coming scarf
*11) bonus christmas guest gift hat
… boy do lists look great… but the work isn’t nearly as fun. I think I have my work cut out for me. Plus I have a few non fiber projects that have been in the works. The better half has been doing overhaul work on a dresser that was purchased at a yardsale in someones home and refinished it entirely and painted it to thing 1s specifications and built a book shelf to go with which I’m helping to paint in coordinating colors. (If I never see flamingo pink again I’ll be alright lol)
This is before:




Considering that my husband has been working 6 days a week and going to college full time, this has been quite impressive. I can’t wait to get her book shelf finished and in her room.


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