Full steam ahead



And another one bites the dust… woot! I’m actually really happy that I finished these as quickly as I did because of amount of cables and my lack of motivation. Double ear infection has wiped most of my energy and I’m trying to find simple projects to work on until I get my focus back. I started another gift that my daughter picked the pattern for within certain parameters. (And she did a great job , so here’s a sneak peak!)


On a side note, Tuesday I made a trip out to Tuesday Morning. For those unfamiliar it’s a discount store similar to Big Lot’s with random discounted wares in all sorts of departments. Every once in a blue moon my store has decent knitting items. I’ve seen needles there, but they were typical bamboo or plastic (neither of which I use). Most of the yarns my store gets are cotton, acrylic mohair, or ugly. So I rarely choose that as my first shop of choice.  I found ChiaoGoo needles when I went in the other day. Jaw dropping priced ones. Like I thought they had mislabeled them but they had a whooooole rack of em, and the lady that put them there didn’t even know what they were. She had them in with the scrap booking supplies. ChiaoGoo red lace in with scrapbook supplies?! Horrific! I bought a few pairs of the plain ones in the sizes I needed and went home to swap out on a project that was driving me nuts. Project flew by and started a new one before I could even blog about it. That surprised. I typically only use aluminum for socks. They aren’t as sharp as I’d like but they aren’t as dull as they appear. It takes some getting used to.



They aren’t straight, but curved before the cable. It’s actually really nice. I ended up going back today to see if there were any left, as all hell had broke loose in my knitting groups on Facebook as everyone scrambled to get to their local TM to find them. Some had them, some didn’t, some hadn’t unpacked them yet. Some lived too far from a TM and found a way to get them to pay and ship them. It’s been quite interesting to see the response.
This is what was left when I got there today:


If you’re looking to try some new circulars or just need a few pairs, get them before they’re gone! (I smell an endorsement) You really can’t beat the quality for that price.


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