A bit of a wild goose chase

A couple of nights ago my father decided to request something. He never asks for anything. I felt it was time to make him something special and he deserved it because he’s never asked for anything. He asked specifically for a hat that was worn by a character on the TV show M.A.S.H.. I went on the hunt for the elusive Radar hat. It’s commonly referred to as a Jeep Cap or M1941.


This is the closest picture I could find for detail. I spent hours going through Red Cross patterns,  vintage knitting sites, and just a tangled interweb  of nothing. I tried Ravelry and found 2 similar patterns, one aptly titled Radar. But alas the link was broke for they were moving, and the other had a superficial roll brim that didn’t actually roll down. I turned to Facebook in desperation and found the same answers from people who didn’t listen to what I had previously written, but one lady found a pattern eliminating all the parameters.  I felt so dumb because that was one thing I had not done.
The original design of the hat was produced commercially out of machine knit cloth, sewn into hats, mass produced for the military. There would never be a pattern. I hadn’t thought of it because I was so determined to find a pattern, because that’s one of the few things I’m really good at. Finding things. Online at least.
So several hours later, with a similar pattern and several project notes from other knitters, I have cast on.
I still have many other things to do, but I did manage to finish another gift yesterday, warped my loom and started weaving (because my better half got me a folding table and clamp so I can direct warp!), and revised my mental list of everything to get me motivated. Little by little.


And the hugest news of all……… my oldest (8 year old dd) asked me to teach her how to crochet! We are working on slip knots, foundation chains and single crochets. So far so good. She started out Saturday night, got frustrated, gave up. I left what we had untouched, hoping she would come back. Last night she asked “so when are we going to crochet? I want to learn to make things, because it will be useful. Someday I’ll be able to make anything out of yarn. So instead of making a scarf can I make a blanket for my doll instead?” And she got straight to work while I finished dressing the heddle. We talked and laughed and it was quite a great bonding experience. She is incredibly excited and filled with future project ideas already. She’s keen on the idea of being the first one in her class to learn something like this. I’m incredibly proud!



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