My usually cozy yarn room is an absolute chaos laden mess… I’m having a good laugh over it now…. 4 more sewing projects to knock out and I can clean it! My loom is off to the side with a partial project on it too…I’m hoping to finish the quick projects by the end of the weekend. The rest will al be knitting and I can have my sanity back before Christmas.





2 thoughts on “Mess!

  1. How lucky you are!!! Look at the space you have and the possibility to make it a mess! I need to tidy everything every time because I sew on my dining table!

    • I have only had the table since last weekend. It’s not a sewing table by any means. I figured that out last night when I tried to hurry a project along and put the machine in full throttle. The table jumps. It’s a nice work station but I still have to clean it up and share it with my husband when the major project work is over. He only got it so I could warp my loom and he could get more counter space in the garage. The joys of being married.

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