Black Friday was made for crafters

I’m not your typical shopper. I’ve always hated shopping. I’m more of a scavenger hunt type. I will figure out what the best deal for the best item is and go for it. Well Friday, I was working on my 5th of 6th sewing projects when the motor starting dying in my sewing machine. I’m sure if I was an experienced person, I would be able to find a way to repair it. But I don’t like it enough for that. It’s something that was given to me 8 years ago as a hand me down. I managed to finish my 6th project and plead to my darling dearest that I needed a new sewing machine, and that it was just fate that it decided to bite the dust on Black Friday. So asearching I went. Let me tell you, Amazon was chock full of deals, and still is. The cyber week price of the $540+ machine they have on sale for $180 ish is a joke compared to the BF price I paid. Seriously, best Christmas present hubby has gotten me to date. So if you want to plan ahead and make a list of all your high end craft purchases, check Black Friday sales and get warranties.

After I finished the last gift, I quickly wrapped everything, remembered that all the gift tags were packed away and hunted for printable black and white ones. (b&w printer is the only one we had, so creativity was key) You would not believe how many cute DIY sites had printable gift tags and labels. There were tutorials for sliding hangtags too. I had fun searching and printing and being lazy and using the rotary cutter to make super straight edges, ok maybe not so much lazy as it much as it looks better. Packages shipped, and now I’m waiting to see if the recipient gets the package by the intended time. I think I get more excited sending people things than I do getting them.


Here are some of the cute places to get tags from:


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