The learning curve

The jeep cap is finished, but I ran into a few snags a long the way. The 5 inches of k1p1 are probably the worst part of it. I opted for a heavier weight yarn than the pattern I followed and larger needles. I usually make hats bigger for men, or at least looser. I was expecting super big hat to work with. I had a crescent shaped plastic piece to place in the brim and sew, that caused the main problem. First, the hat pattern required it to be sewn inside out, and I wasn’t being smart and paying close attention to the revision notes that said right side not wrong. I had powerfully and beautifully sewn it and wove in all the ends before looking at it with head scratching confusion. Something was very wrong indeed. Spent and hour carefully ripping out the seam work, all done in a dark navy, same as the hat. The brightest lights in the world couldn’t help me, it was tedious. By the time I had it right, repinned, resewn, and together, the biggest and worst issue hit. It didn’t fit. Not my head. Not the husband’s head. So it most certainly won’t fit my dad’s head. So it became the 5 year olds. Fit his noggin rather swell. A headache and a half, so I did the unthinkable and bought a commercially made one and forwarned him. I feel terrible, but I think it’s for the best until my skills improve. Time to get back to work… a few more gifts left and maybe I’ll be able to finish something for myself before next year… *snickers* next year, sure, right… party time



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