Well. Where to start. This last week and a half has been filled with gloom.I lost a good friend and my grandmother. I started thinking about a particular project that I had started working on about 2 years ago when we moved in temporarily with my mom and step dad while buying a house and our stuff was in storage. I had bought some yarn at a local craft store and had started a mindless blanket that my mom had complemented, but I had thought nothing more of until now. I hadn’t finished it until now either because the move was chaotic, and it got shoved in a bag and forgotten. So of course, my brain started mentally hunting for the project before I actually found it. I finished it new years day and brought it over yesterday before they got back. I’m really not good with conveying my emotions and having them come off right, so I wrote a letter and had my sister put it on their bed.



As I was finishing the blanket it brought back many memories and was kind of a bittersweet tribute. I can only hope that my mom finds it as comforting.

I’ve been trying to get some projects going but really haven’t had much drive, and understandably so.
I did manage to fiddle around with a wonderful icord making device, the Embellish Knit! I started converting some old acrylic into a huge icord ball to weave with when my Texsolv re-arrives…. That was a snafu in and of itself. (Ordered 5 yards, received 5 feet)


Since I’ve converted the front area to my office/yarn cave I’ve needed random oddball things. One being a magnetic/cork board. I wanted to make my own magnets and they were cheaper to do so, so with help from the children last night we made a few from buttons and a few knick knacks.


My daughter made me yarn ball with a w.i.p. đŸ™‚
I have managed to finish sock 1 for the hubby and it fits! Bravely I did it without measuring his foot and ran with the instructions and reincforcment threads and now second sock syndrome is staring me down.


It’s been dreary and rainy and I’ve been too busy adding patterns to my queue to work on it, that’s my excuse.


Making random things with the Embellish Knit is more fun any ways. The kids are still home on break and its been hard keeping them entertained so a lot of the projects I’ve been eyeballing have been back-burnered. Laceweight knitting shall have to wait until later.


I shall leave you with a portrait my daughter made of me.


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