I’ve joined my first MKAL, and choose the Downton Abbey 2015 MKAL. (Dubbed Edith’s Secret) Jimmy Bean’s Wool carries the kits and there is still time to catch up, as express shipping is included up until 1/21 I believe.


I picked Grand Street Ink as my opposing color and my MC.
I’m super thrilled with how it is turning out so far. I’ve never participated in any sort or M/KAL before, and the anticipation is really pushing me to get excited for the weekend.





So a lot of ladies who had originally joined and bought the kits made comments about it looking similar to the Outlander shawl, and have forgone finishing it, which has discouraged quite a few, as well as it being a plain garter stitch. I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I certainly confirmed my excitement when I saw people choosing solids over variegateds as their mc’s and found the look quite facisnating and unlike most shawls that are currently popular. The variegated main colored shawls tend to look swirled with the single color “stripe” every huge chunk of rows. Either way, it is exciting and fun, gossiping and seeing progress. I can’t wait to find another!

Update for sock progress….


Sooooo close… and playing yarn chicken at this point.

Alright, back to slowly getting the sock together, found out I have super horrible farsightedness and that’s why I’m so blind with my knitting…. New glasses should be in soon, and hopefully that’ll knock the migraines down and I’ll be back to top form in no time. Fingers crossed.


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