Approaching week 5 of the Downton Abbey Mystery Knit along

The first 3 clues were pretty mindless after getting past the cast on.


Last weekend’s clue was a game changer. One that took away the monotonous garter stitch.


I made it to row 12 before I realized that I had screwed up at least twice and frogged back to the beginning of row 3, where it began. It took one day to make that mess, 4 to get the motivation and tink it back. Tedious. I actually looked at it with pure disgust for the first time since I started the damkal. I never thought that would happen. There had to be a patience with the unknitting, and thus I only worked on it when I could fully commit to it. (More in fear of royally effing it up and having to start all over than anything)
So what else have I been doing while avoiding this mess you might ask?



Helping thing 1 with her solar system project.



Helping thing 2 make his minion valentine box.


Working on a tote bag I will be fulling if I ever finish it, and get all this dog hair out of it… Lol! Now I really need to be more productive and finish folding the laundry.
So l will leave you with this:



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