The joys of frustration

This week my Downton Abbey MKAL has given me hell to no end. I’ve tinked and tinked and tinked again. The stitch counts always off by 1. Exactly 1. My migraines haven’t been under control very well and they have a hair trigger of sheer annoyance. It’s royally aggravating. I actually gave up and took a break from trying to fix it and found some of my grown up print out coloring pages and broke out the coloring pencils. Great frustration reliever.


I found another lace shawl that I had been working on and frogged it due to faulty instructions. Gathering project notes from others I got to work again only to start again over and over and over and over. Then my hand and wrist started acting up. Needless to say, it’s not my week. But I managed to find time torturing the dogs with pictures while I was unmotivated otherwise.





Guess which one is getting shots today? ⬆


One thought on “The joys of frustration

  1. I also am attempting / attempted the Downton MKAL, and as a newer knitter, I had to simply wait until I feel more comfortable with lace. I find the pattern extremely challenging! Glad to know I’m not the only one who has this same problem of being off by 1!

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