Knit picking

The last few days have been spent carefully ripping out the 8 rows of cc and putting in a life line, prepping myself to do a count and dive back into clue 5 so I can get 5 and 6 done. I will confess that lace work and I do not agree very well. I had my count on track, but it didn’t look a thing like what everyone else was showing off. So poor Edith’s secret and This DAM(NED)KAL will be delayed a bit further. My right hand seems to have seized up from all this knitting and unknitting and is begging for a vacation. Tonight I am hoping to catch a break and gather my motivation and get this mkal back in order. I managed to snag a bunch of baskets at the store this weekend to contain the mess of yarn that seems to fall out every time I rearrange the yarn cave. We’ve had a few 60+ degree days lately and I guess my mind has been more keen on planning the garden with winter slipping away.

In knitting news… check this crazy story out

I’ll give you a hint, it looks like this, and took over 3 hours and a lot of candy!


source Twitter : My Game News Flash

featured image: ikd6


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