Patience is worth it’s weight in gold

I can say that I’m a fairly fast paced learner. I move quickly and prefer to keep a steady pace. I’ve been rushing too many things lately, and that has become apparent. I’ve had to relearn patience. It’s a dreadful child’s task, or so it seems. I keep trying to work faster than I should, trying to skip through the lacework on my Downton Abbey MKAL. I’ve frogged more rows than I’ve progressed and taken a longer break than I wanted to. I refuse to be impatient. I thought I had slowed down enough the first time I had to tink back, but surely that wasn’t the case. So I finally caved and threw in a lifeline. As much as I hate doing them, its definitely a time saver. I have so much to catch up on now, I feel like I’ve let a pile of string get the better of me, but reality is, I needed a reminder to slow down.



Lacework is easy for some people, but man does it make me wish I actually drank or smoke, or had some particular vice that people had when their patience ran out. 🍷 I gave up the bad habits for migraines and yarn, go figure. Hopefully I will be caught back up by the weekend, and be finished or close to by the end of the month. That’s my goal. There, I said it, no takesy backsies.


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