5 random facts

I’m not much of a sharer as far as things going on, and I figured I’d post a list of 5 random fact about me, so you may get to know me, Jamie, the incredible knitastrophe maker, better. (Pun intended)

1) I am married with 2 kids and 2 mixed rescues dogs that are pretty much my other kids

2) I have never had surgery before, and will be getting my first one done next month. Nothing major, just a terribly deviated septum.

3) I’m allergic to strange things. Watermelon, bananas, black pepper. Alpaca and mohair 😭 … I was seriously angry finding those 2 out.

4) The only other family member who knitted was my grandmother who died when I was 5, so I never had anyone to learn any sort of fiber craft from. I taught myself from books and YouTube videos to crochet first, followed by knitting and slowly working my way through spinning and weaving. So in a way I feel close to her even though I never got to know her, but through stories and photos.

5) 9 years. That is the length of time (almost) that I’ve been a stay at home mom. This means that my conversation skills have dropped from interesting to baby talk, back up to preschool aged. I really haven’t had much conversation outside of fiber arts and family. Which is part of the reason I started blogging. You can only talk to so many people before they get bored with knitting or scared away by incessant sheep chatter.


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