This is why we block


I know every knitting and crochet blogger has talked about this subject from time to time. I would like to discuss this because not everybody understands the importance of the subject. In crocheting, it doesn’t get used as often because most items don’t generally need to be opened up or grow out side of doilies and some items that may need seaming. In knitting, we use blocking to open up the work, to help it grow, and show what it really looks like and it’s true shape. When I say grow, I mean it literally gets bigger than it was before we started. With certain fibers this  can be a huge growth, and others just a miniscule growth. 
The main reasons for blocking will always be:
1) Opening lace work and showing the patterns true nature and beauty

2) Straightening out edges and seams to allow for better sewing, whether you knit or crochet, it’s a mundane task and it makes it easier.

3) It allows your item to have a fresh pressed, professional look, instead of the crammed in a project bag for the last month look.





Now isn’t that magical?


2 thoughts on “This is why we block

  1. Thank you! For my first shawl and mkal, I was really happy with the way it turned out. I’m really glad that I opted to not put the picot edge on there that some people were doing. It just seemed more magical this way. I bet it would look gorgeous in a sandy beige and variegated blue-green. I almost want to do another, but I’d want to get a pair of sharp needles first, my kps were too blunt at times. It will have to wait, I have a boat load of baby stuff to do for my sister in law and her husband. They are having a mystery baby.

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