I’ve been a bit grounded. I broke my toe and have been put on bed rest until my next ortho appointment. I’m also heavily medicated and have spent more time cleaning than I have knitting or crocheting. I did manage to finish my Dragonflies Hat and I choose the smallest size, blocked the hell out of it, and stretched it over a huge hurricane bowl.


I love using Mano Del Uruguay Maxima. The colorways are beautiful and show the stitches off so well. It’s in my top 10 favorite yarns.


My lys is closing and was supposed to be closed at the end of February but due to bad weather, it never got the chance to. So this weekend is the final closing. I’m debating on whether I want to go to another final closing. I don’t really need anymore yarn. Although I might need a few notions for the new hiya hiya set I ordered that’s due to arrive today..   Hmmm. That’s incentive enough I suppose. One last hobble about I suppose.

Time to get motivated and get some real life stuff done. 😄


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