count downs of all sorts

Being put on bedrest has made me want to clean every inch of my house, organize and rearrange things to no end. And I did when I could tolerate things. Little by little I have found some semblance of a sane organization that makes sense. Organization is nothing if you can’t find anything within a timely manner. It’s also useless if it’s too far from reach. I try to put things in places where they make the most sense. It’s driving me crazy that I’ve had to relocate a drawer across the room full of supplies to satisfy a couch issue. When you have so much crammed in a small room, you have to get creative.

20150315_201531 20150315_201508

I have appointments galore and then the surgery. I hate ruining spring break for my kids, but I figured that it was the only time to effectively get it done and not have to worry about getting them to and from school. I’d feel really awful if they got forgotten, or lunches suffered because of it. They’ll have plenty of attention and chances to do things, so I’m not too worried about that part.


My sister in law has finally announced her pregnancy *yay Cat and Kev*!  They have decided to do an exciting thing, and wait for the baby to find out the sex. So everything will be gender neutral, which for future babies will be useable either way, which is a totally cool concept. So, my brain has been wracking over patterns and yarns, and color shades and is totally in full swing on a few different patterns. The blanket, the sweater, the bib(s). I’m learning and challenging myself to find things that I wouldn’t normally make based upon typical gender stereotypes. It’s a very difficult habit to break. I keep looking at things and going, well… it’s not thaaaat girly, or thaaaat masculine. I have frogged many a projects already. Fingers crossed there won’t be anymore frogging. I’m really happy with the way things are going with each of the major projects. I’m not sure if I will make any more of that particular style bib. I liked it originally because it reminded me of ones I had when my children where toddlers. They had some that were part knit ribbed cloth and plastic, with a cut out in the middle for the neck and head to fit through. They couldn’t get out of those for anything. Mom’s favorite bibs! They would rip the velcro and snap button bibs right off. I was always afraid they would hang themselves with the ties on the tie back ones.

I know she isn’t due until the summer, but I have a feeling a huge slump will hit after the surgery. The urge to find and knit all the things is upon me. Knock on wood, that motivation stays.


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