M.I.A. for a bit



This is my daughter of whom I’m super proud of. She was one of two students chosen from her school to have their work displayed for Youth Art Month at the Huntsville Museum of Art. She had no idea which picture was picked for display until we got there and we received everything a week late after the gala they had, but we went anyway and it was awesome. The lady at the front desk remembered her picture because of her Pokémon accents.  It was fun looking around, although I would have loved to have stayed longer.





The ‘fun’ stuff begins tomorrow as it is surgery day. My nerves are getting to me. I can’t knit or crochet or think much aside from browsing and organizing. At least things are staying neat and I won’t be coming home to a mess. Now its just time to start making lists and checking things off as the time ticks down. Night ends too quickly. Morning comes too soon.


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