Have I mentioned

Have I mentioned how much I miss my lys? I drive past the old shop front every time I have to go down town. It has a for rent sale sign up, and I know it will be more depressing when it actually gets occupied. I miss the company, of just being able to go out for a bit and hang out. I’m a bit of a recluse and I don’t travel far from home. There are some local groups, but they hang out way too far away on nights my husband has his college classes, so I’ve been really limited as I don’t really know anyone around here. Being socially awkward has its drawbacks when you’ve been a stay at home mom for nearly a decade and everyone is a good 20-30 years your senior. Maybe I’ll find a place and start my own local one?


When you’re in a hurry…

Sometimes we hurry to catch up, and we forget the tiniest of details. Mine being the sleeves of the baby sweater. I made a huge mistake which changes the style of the sleeves. It doesn’t hurt them, but it no longer looks like the original pattern, and I refuse to frog. So I will own this and call it my personal touch to the pattern. Pics to come after recipient has received item in June.
In other news, I went to Tuesday Morning and found a few amazingly soft extra fine merino skeins and some needles for sewing in the chunkier yarns that everyone has been raving about.


I’m currently on the hunt for a good 416 yd or less worsted pattern for those lovely skeins. I spent hours and I think I may have found something, but I’m not quite sold. What are your favorite patterns?

In the mean time, I have been bit by the designing bug, trying to find some inspiration again. The kids were begging to get out of the house, so off to the library we went.


I’m pretty excited about Alice Starmore’s Charts for Color Knitting. I’ve already hinted that I want my own copy. There are so many possibilities for designing and frankensteining. My husband laughed at me when I showed him some of my favorites. He just doesn’t get it, but he supports my habit and occasionally is my test victim, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Catching up…

I’ve done a few avoidance projects lately, because what are a few distractions when you know you have a time table and make up work ahead of you? Last weekend it was a hand towel, this week it was a hat. My mind shudders every time I look at the projects on my table and in bags that I know are slowly counting down to their due dates.  I really want to get them finished. Just without, y’know working on them.
Actually this week I’ve lost a bunch of project focus due to pilates. I’ve started doing an hour of that and some other miscellaneous exercises for my bad back and knee and have found that it plays rather well into my posture, overall sitting position and energy levels. I haven’t been able to sit still much and didn’t get much knitting done this week aside from this lovely Pup Tent hat done with a token skein of Spud & Chlöe Sweater in Popsicle.


It still needs blocking to open up the pattern a bit. I’m rather pleased with how it turned out.
So the disaster from last week has been restarted and we are already back to where we need to be and then some. I’m super happy that I managed to get that done tonight.
Now off to bed so I can be well rested, as surely I will be waking up a minute or 2 before the alarm as I seem to have the knack for doing so as of late.
I want to be as well rested and carefree as my Mancy.


One of those mistakes…

I pulled out a project that I haven’t made any major progress on in a few weeks, and realized that I made a mistake stemming near the beginning of it. Granted it is a baby’s raglan sweater, and it was 4 rows before arm hole shaping that I caught it, I’m kicking myself for not seeing it sooner. Purling instead of knitting. Which changes the shaping and texture of a particular area that is supposed to end up in garter. Back to the beginning and starting all over again. 🐸

A visit

The last week was spent prepping for the weekend. It sounds silly, but I think I’m rather old fashioned when it comes to having company. I have to have a thorough cleaning, all chores and work needs to be done beforehand. Nobody likes being the person stuck with all the chores when everyone else is having fun.  So this weekend my in-laws came for a short visit and got to enjoy the sporadic spring weather, cloudy, sunny, stormy, serene. Take in some of the local tourism and of course, home cooked meals. I did manage to sneak in a few rows on my spring MKAL when it was quiet.


I’ve officially started part 2, and feel like I’m crawling at a snails pace. This MKAL appealed to me because it was slower and I’d have more time to make up parts. Hopefully I won’t fall too far behind.

Fulling Fullfilled

I have finally finished the bag!


So to give you an idea of how much it’s shrunk from beginning to end, here is it before fulling:


And this is prior to putting the handles on following the 2nd fulling:


The AccuQuilt board gave me quite a good idea of how much it shrank during the first and second processing. It was quite laboring and I was glad I did my research before fulling it. There were a few tutorials recommending gloves and the hottest water and agitating tools. I used a couple of pans of near boiling water and one kettle of boiling water, along with a partial sink of hot tap water. It took about 20 minute of agitation with the tools before I could get my hands in there, but it got much easier after it cooled down. The first round in the drier took and hour and a half, the second took 3 and a half hours. Boy did I have no clue how long that was going to take! I gently ironed out the wrinkles and creases of the bottom and made that visible so it would look more like a tote and less like a drapey piece of fabric. It drives me crazy when a bag has a bottom but isn’t quite stable or definable. I was hoping the fulling process would bring that out, but sometimes things don’t quite work the way we think they should. The iron did, so I’m glad that was an easy fix. Next time I will use a reinforcement along the selvedge of the bottom to make it more definable. Overall that was a fun mindless project. The color was cheery in the dreariest of days. Picking it up and doing a few rows in the carpool lane always picked up my mood. Although the yarn is discontinued (update: found the yarn label, color is Hawaiian Sunset and yarn is Deluxe Worsted LP by Universal Yarns [it’s discontinued, but if you can get your hands on some of this, it makes a beautiful long striping print]), I would love to find more to possibly make another at a later point. I don’t have much for plain non super wash wool in my collection, and I’d like to do more experiments in fulling like this, this year.