Spring is officially here in my neck of the woods. We’ve already had a few 80° days and the flying nuisances are out. We have some beautiful trees in our neighborhood. I took the kids out for a walk in the evening to wear some of the last bits of energy out of them before bed time. They enjoyed it.


I haven’t accomplished many things since the surgery. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. Physically and emotionally. It’s probably the medications and allergies and over all crummy feeling doing me in. Sitting in pain and falling asleep randomly is just not how I’d hoped things would have gone. I was hoping to get to work on projects, but I had a bad reaction to meds and ended up sick most of the week and my allergies came back with a vengeance because I was put on a fairly stupid allergy med ban for the surgery and recovery period. Sneezing with a broken nose is one of the top ten single most painful things I’ve done. And to think the doctors banned nose blowing, of which I asked a nurse what was worse. She spoke with the doctor and got me back on my allergy meds asap. So now that in finally feeling human and no longer have the anesthesia lag/painkiller/allergy/narcolepsy/post op strict regimen, its back to knitting.

Remember this project?


Well I’ve finally started on ball 3/3 today. So I’m officially over half way with the knitting. I still have to full and sew the handles on, which are a red that match it very well. It will be a very lovely striped tote bag. For who? I don’t know. It will be huge though.

The next few weeks are going to be busy with follow up appointments and house cleaning. My in-laws have a short visit scheduled in a few weeks. So things will be very busy for a short while. I can’t wait until I’m given the full go ahead to do whatever I want and off physical restrictions from the surgery, I need to clean and organize! And then knit!


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