Adventures in fulling

So I finished knitting my mindless project, a huge tote bag that I’m getting ready to finish fulling, as per the more accurate term. Most people don’t know the difference or haven’t heard, but felting is done fiber on fiber, but fulling is done with knit or crocheted, and even woven pieces. 

Here is the before at over 24 inches wide and 19 inches tall:


I couldn’t even fit it on my accuquilt board without it rolling over. My absent mind made a sophomoric mistake of using a stretchy bind off thinking it would be shrunk and tightened into the work during the fulling process. Nope. But it did give it more of a beachy tote look to it even though there are zero increases from the bottom. Here is fulling result number 1:


Sorry it’s a bit blurry, daylight ran out and my phone’s camera doesn’t fare well in the dusk.
The bag lost a bit of height but not as much width as I’d hoped, so I will full again later.


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